Ssl connect over ftp mount from rclone

does a ssl connection to the ftp mount from rclone actually work?


I don’t think the rclone ftp library supports ssl… though it may do soon

is there already news about ssl support? rclone is really perfect in every view the only thing missing in my eyes is the ssl support at ftp :slight_smile:

No progress as yet. I gave them a poke on the issue above!

there are already news about the ftpssl support, generally there is the possibility to mount a ftp with ssl connection with an ssl wrapper?

Implement FTPS implicit FTP over TLS #121

ssl wrapper guthub

It doesn’t appear to have been merged yet that PR :frowning:

I don’t think that is possible unfortunately.

i don’t think there’s much happening on the ssl support page anymore.

it is possible to insert the ssl from another source code? the cbftp can do ssl and runs very stable. maybe you can use the code for ssl?

it looks like the ssl code


Alas rclone is written in go so I need a go ftp library. I could switch to a different library, but it is a reasonable amount of work.

Thanks for your fast answer.

I found this script Language GO and ssl Support

I Hope this helps


It seems that the underlying FTP library has been updated to support implicit FTPS.

Could you please consider adding FTPS to rclone?

Thank you.

Best to make an issue on github rather than bump an old post.