Speed test (rclone, rclone cache, plexdrive + ENCFS)

So, I have been trying to get the most out of my server lately. Using it as a Plex Media Server I want the media to start fast, but the content to be encrypted. Here are my findings.

This post will be updated as I test, since this post was accidently posted to soon and I cannot delete my own topic.

  1. Plexdrive unencrypted

111MB 17.80MB/s
382MB 25.09MB/s

  1. Plexdrive + ENCFS

1.5GB 28.84MB/s

  1. Rclone unencrypted

651MB 70.67MB/s

  1. Rclone + ENCFS

857MB 22.37MB/s
972MB 22.28MB/s

  1. Rclone Cache

209MB 9.91MB/s

  1. Rclone Cache + ENCFS

207MB 9.85MB/s

Rclone Cache seems to be significant slower. Somebody has some ideas why this is happening and if this is normal? I’m not running crypt, so I cannot try that out. Is somebody willing to provide some speed test with that?

Without having any configuration of what you have mounted/etc, it makes it really tough to figure out what you are trying to do.

Start fast isn’t the same as a sustained transfer rate as you seem to be measuring transfer speed rather than starting fast.

Plexdrive starts up in ~1-2 seconds for me for everything. Rclone cache starts up 3-4 seconds for me. Rclone without cache using vfs-chunk-size starts up 1-2 seconds. The cache is added overhead so it makes it a little slower to start.

Thanks for the reply.

Configuration of Plexdrive is like this.

 /usr/bin/plexdrive mount $MPOINT \
                       -o allow_other \
                       --max-chunks=250 \
                       -v 2 &>>$LOGFILE &

I think this surely could use some extra’s, but not sure which.

Configuration of rClone is like this:

/usr/bin/rclone mount gdrive: $BASE/drive \
 --config /home/plex/.config/rclone/rclone.conf \
 --allow-other \
 --cache-chunk-path=/home/plex/.cache/rclone/cache-backend/drive_cache \
 --cache-db-path=/home/plex/.cache/rclone/cache-backend/drive_cache.db \
 --buffer-size 0 \
 --cache-chunk-size 50M \
 --cache-workers 16 \
 --daemon \
 --log-level INFO \

Played alot around with these settings, but speed always seems to be good when using raw rClone.

Rclone cache:

/usr/bin/rclone mount cache: $BASE/.gdrive \
 --allow-other \
 --daemon \
 --drive-v2-download-min-size 1M \

Alright, some follow up after investigation yesterday.

Checked the speed of cache without ENCFS. This was also quite limited to 30MB/s.

I then added the parameters from my main rclone mount to my rclone cache mount.

 --buffer-size 0 \
 --cache-chunk-size 50M \
 --cache-workers 16 \

After adding this the speed on the rclone cache mount without ENCFS

1.3GB 128.49MB/s

Rclone cache + ENCFS

5.2GB  92.31MB/s
5.9GB  97.38MB/s

Looks like my problem is solved! Missing some parameters on the cache mount caused the drop in speed.

Somebody can tell me if the parameters shown above are any good? Like the buffer-size being 0?

The cache has its own buffering mechanism so if you have a buffer size set, you are double caching basically which is why it should be set to 0 when using the cache.