Speechless and Amazed

I've posted only 2 questions so far on the forum and have gotten super-fast and perfect answers from all of you developers and volunteers.

BUT, you DON'T deserve to be appreciated. You deserve to be celebrated and awarded akin to Nobel laureates because you have the DNA that's so much needed and is so little in terms of percentage in today's greedy society.

I feel like coming and hugging each one of you for the relentless hard work that you put into developing and supporting a mighty app for the entire world, for not a penny in return.

While the open source movement has grown and become big -- however, from the standpoint of the scale of the massive wealth disparities that worldwide corporations are creating and accelerating, this movement is still microscopic. So ecosystems like yours needs to be spawned everywhere, so that we can move towards a caring world without wars but prosperity all around that's not just for a few places on the planet.

Even the support forum features are so perfectly designed with attention to details!

Respectful, loving salutations to you all. Thank you. :pray:

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