Source files not deleting after copying to destination with delete-after flag

So i tried using the copy, copyto, and sync command to two different folders with the --delete-after flag but it isnt deleting from the source after confirming its fully copied over. Am i doing something wrong? Here is the exact line I use:

rclone sync local:/home/pi/Documents/New local:/home/pi/Documents/New2 --delete-after

Again. Files copy to destination but doesnt delete from the source. I still have the original file

Please fill out the help template instead of deleting it before posting.

If you want files deleted from the source you want rclone move. This moves files from the source to the detination, deleting them from the source as soon as rclone has verified the copy to the destination. Try with --dry-run first to make sure!

ahh guess this is the command I will be using. Assuming if the transfer gets interrupted, the source file should still be there until after rclone verifies correct?

That is correct, yes.

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