Sort releases by latest releases

You should sort releases. The lastest one should be at the top.
So like that:

  • Rclone v1.47
  • Rclone v1.46
  • Rclone v1.45
  • Rclone v1.44
  • Rclone v1.43
  • etc

If this Forum Software allows it, sort the topic by Title.

You can do it it this way but I mean the way releases are organized inside the forums topic.

I'm not sure it is possible - do you know a way?

Which Forum Software you are using?

It is discourse

I have done some research. Typically sorting a forum topic by title is dumb because the way a forum works.

I thought about a work around. You could try "Sort by Creation Date" in this Topic. Technically the latest post (in this it would be the releases) should be on top and wouldn't be interfered with comments. Because it sort after the creation date and not after latest activity. I think you know what I mean.

Basically if each release version post has been created one after another it should work as an workaround. You could test it and look if everything looks like how it should.

Like that:

Pretty great forum software I have to say. Modern look and simple. :+1:

Good idea. I couldn't figure out how to do it though!

I fixed it. If you click on the Category and hit Edit, you can change the sort to created date.

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Great. Small thing but cleans up the overall thing. :+1:

Nice one! I didn't scroll down that page so I didn't see the option (duh!).

Now you know it. Otherwise i would installed it on localhost or on my testserver to tell it to you. :grinning:

I guess this can be marked as closed. Can't do it myself.

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