Sonarr update series info and scan disk

I am VERY new to all of this rclone stuff, but I managed to get it all setup with a cache and I have sonarr pointing to my mounted cache. My problem now is when Sonarr tries to refresh its data about a series (which It is doing still from when I first added the shows to sonarr) it just spins and never completes. I am going on about 2 hours now and the first series to be scanned still hasn’t finished scanning.

I have no idea what logs are useful, but let me know and I’ll fetch whatever is needed.


For me, I turn off video analysis.

It’s under media management, advanced options shown.

2 hours seems pretty long. Can you share your mount command you are using and if you are using unionfs or anything else.

Also try downgrading your Sonarr to an earlier version. I had this problem recently where it would take forever and crash Sonarr due to bugs in the recent versions.

I’ve got better response out of sonarr (and Radarr) since I’m using the docker images. Seems like mono is less likely to hang. Scanning can take a long time depending on what Sonarr needs to scan. You got a debug log from rclone?