Sonarr/Radarr with rclone cache/union

I have tried searching and haven't been able to find what I am looking for. I am new to rclone and still playing around so if you think I am doing something wrong let me know. Here is my setup

  • rclone setup: gdrive -> gcache -> plexmedia (union h:\ gcache:/).
  • Plex server is pointed to plexmedia drive
  • Sonarr/Radarr download media to local drive h:\
  • I keep most of the latest movies and current seasons on the local drive (h:). Anything old gets moved to gdrive. I have my own scripts that manage plex scanning and moving the media to gdrive.

My question: The way sonarr/radarr are configured, once the media is moved from h: to gdrive i have to turn off monitoring for the movie or the season, otherwise, they will try and keep downloading the same file again since it is no longer there. For movies, I don't mind as much since you don't really see anything but for TV Shows it shows 0/0 next to all the tv shows, which just annoys me a lot. I wanted to see if anyone else here has a similar setup and how do you handle sonarr/radarr after moving files.


If you set your local dir as the last argument in your union mount it will write to that directory. Then you can point sonarr/radarr to your union.
This is assuming your using a rclone union.