Some greek monsters are immortal

A joyful hello to everyone!

Rarely does one have the time to deal with those aspects of daily life that are as necessary as they are annoying - backing up one's own data is probably one of them. This rather general discomfort increases if you try to deal with it as a creative person for whom IT technology is more of a tool than a passion.

Which brings me to my case: I have been working as a writer for various publishers for more than a decade now and had to think seriously about a backup solution for my manuscripts after previously storing it in the Onedrive cloud and leaving the work to Microsoft. There are many options, from Veracrypt to AESCrypt for encryption, but none has convinced me like this little Swiss army knife called RClone for some time now.

Not only has it turned out to be the perfect tool for synchronizing my Android e-book reader, it also works great as an encryption solution between my numerous platforms starting with Onedrive cloud, over Android tablet and phone, up to the Windows notebook. - you can fiddle with everything using this devilish software.

But the reason for this praise entry is a life hack - maybe for me, not for you experts out there - that shows me the flexibility of well-thought-out software: So far, no product has been able to accomplish encryption that is somewhat easy to use on both my phone and laptop. Most of the time it failed (Bitlocker, Veracrypt) due to the lack of reasonable Android clients.

But RClone has the right arrows in its quiver: The package includes a full-fledged SFTP server (WTF?) via the "serve" command, which can be run on the phone in Termux and be accessed via a file manager over the localhost. Together with the Crypt layer function, I now have my encrypted Onedrive cloud directories readily available on an unrooted(!) phone - I was literally momentarily stunned by this Greek monster that RClone really is.

Now I wish the team of developers that the joy and craftsmanship will never run out - from the bottom of my heart, a "Chapeau!" to everyone!