[SOLVED] Sync wood like to upload files again


with RClone 1.40 there are an issue after renaming files local an remote when i wood like to sync with RClone…

I the past i upload all files with RClone sync, now i rename all files (local and and Remote) put them into an folder. 1 folder per Movie. I do that with an Rename tool (FileBot).

When i now start sync RClone wood like to upload a lot but not all files new… I have 1465 files and now RClone wood like to upload 678 files new. I don´t know why.

The RClone line are:
rclone -v -n --stats-file-name-length 0 sync "/Volumes/x264/" "GSuiteCrypt:Plex Cloud Crypted/x264/"

when i do:
rclone -v -n --stats-file-name-length 0 check "/Volumes/x264/" "GSuiteCrypt:Plex Cloud Crypted/x264/"

this isn the result (1 file as example)
ERROR : Æon Flux (2005)/._Æon Flux (2005).mkv: File not in Encrypted drive 'GSuiteCrypt:Plex Cloud Crypted/x264/

rclone ls "GSuiteCrypt:Plex Cloud Crypted/x264/"

8387037475 Æon Flux (2005)/Æon Flux (2005).mkv

ls -l on my local drive

8387037475 Apr 12 00:00 Æon Flux (2005).mkv

That is a different file - note the ._ at the start.

Those files are all OSX resource forks - you should probably exclude them from the sync with --exclude '._*'.

RClone shows all my files like this one… but only 678 files are marked to reupload, not all of them…

When i mount my Drive with RClone on my local Storage Server an take a look

ls -l i see this:

N10850:/raid0/data/RClone/Plex Cloud Crypted/x264# cd "Æon Flux (2005)"
N10850:/raid0/data/RClone/Plex Cloud Crypted/x264/Æon Flux (2005)# ls -l
-rw-r--r--    1 root     root     8387037475 Jan 24  2015 Æon Flux (2005).mkv
N10850:/raid0/data/RClone/Plex Cloud Crypted/x264/Æon Flux (2005)# 

Here are no ._ at the start to see

The ._ files are AppleDouble files.

If you want to see them in the mount then use ls -la otherwise you won’t see the . files.

Okay, the problem are away…

the problem was that they are 2 versions of this *_ files on my System… now i understand that this files are small and something that OSX makes…

What i do is do delete all of this old *_ files and start an Sync… now all are fine and synchronized…

Thanks for your help

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