*Solved* Is it possible to access my Rclone mount as a Samba share?

Hi Nick, I do indeed have user_allow_other in my fuse.conf. I recall I needed to add it to get my mount to work. Are you suggesting it could be problematic? Or were you just checking I have it? Presuming the later :wink:

So I think I'm close to cracking the case and I'm almost certain this is a permissions issue, but sadly I lack the knowledge to dig much further :frowning:

So here's why I think its permissions based;

Firstly we know the mount works fine on it's own and has been functioning effectively for a long time, we can also say the same thing about Samba as I have multiple shares already working and I can add others without issue. I can even add a share with the same name as the mount, in the old location of the mount and that works fine, so it clearly something specific to the mount that samba is not happy about.
Secondly if I use external tools such as webmin's samba module I can quickly see anomalies such as the fact that within the directory where I have all my other working samba shares, the module shows every directory, except for the mount. If I use an sftp client I can see all of the directories, including the mount, but if I check ownership all of them bar the mount belong to root, the mount belongs to my main user.

So through a process of elimination I know that Samba is unable to detect folders owned by my user, I just don't know what I can do about it.

You need user_allow_other so that is fine.

I'm starting to think this is a samba config issue...

What happens if you take the backups config and just change the path in that to point to your mount?

Sorry Nick, I was updating my previous post when you sent yours. I'm almost certain this is an ownership issue, but I'm not sure how to fix it

The symptoms fit --allow-other missing (or not working).

When you mount a fuse FS as one user and try to look in it as another user it just appears empty I think.

However this may be a red herring here.

Eg https://superuser.com/questions/262778/set-proper-rights-for-sshfs-mountpoint-so-it-can-be-shared-with-samba

Ha ha ha, cracked it!

I just found a post from 12 days ago where you mentioned that in a recent beta --allow-other was partly broken, so I updated and et voila!

I was starting to think I was going crazy :smiley:

Ha, I should have thought of that! Glad it is fixed!

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