Solaris showed and available, but not linked in the download page

Hi there.

Going to Rclone downloads I see "Solaris" icon, but it is not selectable for download.

Going to "Older Downloads" section I navigate to and I can download a ZIP for Solaris just fine. So it is available and it Works.

Please, do correctly link "solaris" icon in the download page to the right binary.


It's got nothing to do with Solar as the page was just updated and is pointing to the wrong items.

@ncw would fix it at some point.

I downloaded Solaris rclone 1.57.0 the day before yesterday, and this problem was already present.

I'm just letting you know the entire page has the wrong links as it's pointing to 1.59 which doesn't exist as it should be 1.58 and we'll get it fixed.

Whatever was there for 1.57 wouldn't matter as this point as it's already been replaced so it's irrelevant.

We just have to fix the links for 1.58 for the whole page.

I've fixed this now - sorry for the mess up.

You might need to CTRL-Refresh the page to get it to show properly.

(I hot updated the website incorrectly!)

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