Soft shutdown for rclone sync

Use case:

  • You're transferring a bunch of big files with rclone sync and the ETA is too long, so you want it wrap things up and stop the process a few hours from now.
  • You want to keep the progress towards the files you've already transmitted without wasting bandwidth on new files, since they will not be finished and will start over again next time.

In that scenario, I'd like to initiate a soft shutdown of the command by pressing a hotkey, safely winding down the ongoing transfers and stopping when they're all finished.

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AFAIK this is not possible currently, but that would be an interesting feature for sure!

Looks like a nice feature. Wonder if it could catch the first break (control+c) and do a soft exit and do a hard exit if it's pressed twice. I would think most people would like this functionality but I might be wrong.

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Yes, single/double Ctrl+C does sound like the most seamless way to implement it!

@ncw Nick any clue on how easy would this be to implement in Go? I'm not sure if it's feasible. Any feedback or comments would be great!

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