So with 1.37 is a windows mount of an ENCFS gdrive possible?

and are there any instructions anywhere on how to get rclone and windows working together?

Here are the mount instructions. Note in particular the windows section.

The instructions could probably do with expanding - pull requests welcome :slight_smile:

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One comment i’ll add is that if you want more reliable mounts, i’ve had good success with settings the retries really high because of the way rclone doesn’t handle retries very well on mounts (notes in the doc about that).


I wonder if we should update the doc with that until retries are handled better.

Which bit of the mount does setting retries high improve? I just had a look at the mount code and it only seems to use --low-level-retries. Almost certainly some other bit of rclone is using retries though!

What I found is that if I increase the retries, I don't get errors going back to the calling program in the form of input/output errors. It will literally sit there and keep trying to transfer the files and eventually succeed. Programs don't deal with those type of input/output errors very well (they look like disk corruption errors to the calling) Using the standard '3' retries, I find that the calling program has a much higher percentage of failures. In reality this is only masking the real issue and will cause more bandwidth in terms of full file retransfers but it does seem reduce the input/output errors.

I also found that if, on a mount, the retries are exceeded, the thread seems to hang. I have not verified this in the most recent versions but I tried to articulate what I was seeing in this issue:

@calisro I had a look throught that issue again. It is quite confusing since it is rclone writing to an rclone mount, it is difficult to know which rclone is causing the problem!

I’ll reply on the issue with some things…

Yes I realize rclone against rclone mount is a interesting setup. But it is so fast because of the mount cache and really helps with the sync times. What was taking several hours takes minutes against the mount with the directory cache.

It is a good solution as it fixes the unreliability of writing to an rclone mount!