Snapshot Tool for sync work

I saw a recommendation on the rclone forum to create a snapshot of the source before sync and then sync with the created snapshot.

I think this is a reasonable way to ensure that the sync operation can be completed without any changes to the source.

What are some suitable snapshot tools available for this purpose?

on windows, can create a snapshot in a few lines of dumb dos script

check out my handy, dandy wiki

Thank you for your reply.
But I use Linux.

Can you be more specific when you have questions?
Because your question style answer here would be "Use Linux tools":slight_smile:

Here some examples (including Linux):

In general on Linux you need some modern filesystem like ZFS or BTRFS to use snapshots.

Some OSes (eg Ubuntu) partition the disk with LVM, so you can make LVM snapshots

If your linux machine says something like this you are using LVM (this is from my laptop!)

$ sudo lvs
  LV     VG        Attr       LSize    Pool Origin Data%  Meta%  Move Log Cpy%Sync Convert
  root   vgxubuntu -wi-ao---- <930.37g                                                    
  swap_1 vgxubuntu -wi-ao----  976.00m                                                    
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