SMB sharing requesting credentials every time

Hi all, this is my first post in this forum. I am a completely newbie in the Rclone's world.

I am currently running Rclone in a QNAP NAS mounting a Gdrive folder on it.
I am accessing from my Oppo media player via SMB to the NAS but with a couple of issues.
1.- Everytime I enter the Rclone folder, browse on it and exit, if I try to reenter on it, it asks for the user credentials to log in and access.
This only happens with the Rclone folder, and only if I enter on it, exit and try to enter again. If I turn off the media player
2.- I have only been able to enter the folder with the admin user, I have permissions given to other users but I can't access with other users credentials.

Any ideas about how can I solve this?

Can you share more information? What version are you running? How are you sharing it via SMB?