Slow uploads: don I need unique client_id if using service accounts?

I'm using the latest version of rclone via unraid. My uploads use service accounts to rotate "users" so that I can upload more than 750MB/day when needed.

It's worked well for a few years, but recently, I've been struggling with upload speeds e.g. if --bwlimit is set to 12M, I'll get 12M for a bit, but it will drop to 5MB/s or even 3MB/s very quickly.

I'm looking at all areas in my setup for the issue, but i was wondering if I need my own client_id to avoid any limits on the global rclone limit, if I'm using service accounts?

I read this post If we use service accounts, is it still recommended that we use our own client_id? - #7 by xyou365 but I couldn't work out what the final answer was.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Service accounts user their own client ID as you can see it in the Google Admin section when you check the API usage.

False alarm. I did what I should have done first (rather than test everything else....) and check my linespeed - my ISP (BT) has applied the wrong profile to my modem

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