Slow Upload on 1Gbit Server (2MB/second) to OneDrive

Hello, I am new to this forum, but will try get get a dezent description of my problem for you to help.
My problem is my upload speed. I am running a server on a 1Gbit port and only getting around 2-4MB/sek upload.

Rclone Version:
rclone v1.55.1

  • os/type: linux
  • os/arch: amd64
  • go/version: go1.16.3
  • go/linking: static
  • go/tags: none

Ubuntu 20.04

OneDrive 5TB

Command to mount the drive:

rclone mount -vv OneDrive1: /home/OneDrive1 --vfs-cache-mode writes 

The mount is working as intended and is uploading all in the folder + deleting it locally after some time (1H). Problem is the speed.

Speed-Check of the server:
curl -o - 108MB/sek
curl -T 78MB/sek

Speed of upload to OneDrive via Rclone: (don't know how to measure it correctly but it is doing around 2-4MB/sek.

Any advice, on what is wrong with my setup?

hello and welcome to the forum,

to get a baseline, try like rclone copy --progress to copy a single large file.
if you are getting slow speeds, you can also use a log file with debug info and look for messages about pacer, retries, throttling and whatnot.

you can tweak

  • --transfers
  • --checkers
  • --multi-thread-streams
  • --onedrive-chunk-size

How can I get that log file to work? Would like to get you more information...
Any documentation on the given parameters?

I never used the copy command...what would it look like?
rclone copy --progress /home/OneDrive/ OneDrive1:/

you wrote (2MB/sek), does that mean you are having issue with slow random access read/writes?
might test --vfs-cache-mode full

rclone copy --progress /home/OneDrive/ OneDrive1:

Thanks for the command!
Got this with the --progress test:

Transferred: 69.449M / 1 GBytes, 7%, 975.303 kBytes/s, ETA 16m42s
Transferred: 0 / 1, 0%
Elapsed time: 1m15.1s

  •                                    myfile:  6% /1G, 1.260M/s, 12m37s

-> It is still running but sloooow...

what is sek?

onedrive is known to be slow during business hours and faster outside that time period.
for the rclone copy command, you can add the folllowing for debug output.
--log-level=DEBUG --log-file=log.txt.


Yeah I tested yesterday and it was way faster than...will check how to get my own id.

Well it seems that does not make any difference.

Have a problem with my own ID.
I think I got it set up in Azure, but when trying to get the token (as my server is headless) it get this error:
Error: Auth Error
Description: No code returned by remote server

Command were:
rclone authorize "onedrive" -- "APP-ID" "Value of Certificates & secrets"

Any help?

the instruction to setup a headless machine is here
run the command with -vv for debug output and post it.

Hi HeroHann,

I have no experience with headless servers. I do however have some experience in troubleshooting issues with OneDrive.

Let me first share my experiences with OneDrive on a 1Gbit connection. Max. download speed is around 12 Mbyte/sec and requires concurrent download of 4 large files (or multistream download of a very large file). Max. upload speed is similar and requires concurrent upload of 4 large files. The speeds decrease significantly if files are small, because there is a limit on the number of folder operations per second. The native OneDrive client on Windows has similar speeds.

In my tests it made no difference when using a personal client ID, so I propose you stick to the rclone client ID for now.

Based on your initial post I guess you are able to run this command:

rclone copy OneDrive1: --ignore-times --log-file 'rclone.log' --log-level 'DEBUG' --progress --stats 10s

It will copy your 1 GB speedtest file to OneDrive and write debug information in rclone.log, even if the file has already been copied. I should complete in app. 5 minutes with an upload speed of 2-4MByte/sec.

Before sharing the logfile I would like to know the results from these commands (remembered by head, correct me if I am wrong, I am usually on Windows):

grep -c RPS rclone.log
grep -c pacer rclone.log
tail rclone.log

Do you have any rclone parameters set as environment variables?

Thanks for the follow up.
I did some testing today and figured, it is worth while that way. I would need the 1 Gbit speed and even 10BM/second would not be enough.

I did run your commands though (and stopped early ;D). Maybe it helps someone else:
1GB Test File upload via:

rclone copy OneDrive1: --ignore-times --log-file 'rclone.log' --log-level 'DEBUG' --progress --stats 10s

Transferred: 350M / 1000 MBytes, 35%, 781.205 kBytes/s, ETA 14m12s
Transferred: 0 / 1, 0%
Elapsed time: 7m41.2s
File1000: 35% /1000M, 856.815k/s, 12m56s

With those speeds OneDrive on Rclone (well OneDrives fault I guess) isn't usable.

this might be a issue with the owner of the OnedDrive business account that hosts the accounts under his or her org, each account most likely be limited to 10mbytes upload .

try to login remotely to your virtual server, and use chrome or Firefox browser to upload , if you see faster speeds inside the Remote desktop, it means something wrong with your outgoing connection.

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