Slow up- and download with single big files to / from Google Drive

I know that this has been discussed here a number of times and for a long time. One remedy at the time was --fast-list.

However, we have now found with several root servers from different providers that the upload and download to or from Google Drive runs at almost GBit speed as soon as more than 1 file is loaded. If more than 1 file is loaded, some of these will also be loaded with up to 500 Mbit.

If there is only one file, however, the speed always drops to 20 Mbytes / s, i.e. 160 Mbit, no matter which settings are made with rclone.

So is this a typical Google server problem or can something be improved here with rclone?

Bad peering maybe.

I use a large drive chunk size of 1G and get better than that.

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Ok, sometimes the world can be so simple (which isn't the worst thing to know these days).

So far (for whatever reason) I haven't "dared" to go so high with the chunk size and, lo and behold, the upload is currently running at 500 Mbit. That is ok for me and seems to be the maximum upload size set by Google (increases to 2, 4 or 8 GB do not result in higher transfer rates).

Thank you for this enlightenment :slight_smile:

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