Slow transfers with ACD (US)

As of about 6 hours ago transfer speeds from ACD (US) to my server @ hetzner in Germany have slowed down from average of 80MB/s to now an average of 100KB/s.

I called ACD support and they advised that there aren’t any restrictions or issues with my account. So I’m assuming that there must be a peering or network issue.

Is anyone else using ACD (US)? If so, are you having any problems?

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Had exactly this issue last night, although I was at the tail end converting 5.1TB of encfs to rclone crypt so I assumed I was being throttled.

Yeah, it resolved itself after about 8 hours. What’s sad is that NO ONE could tell me what the problem was. It’s so frustrating :tired_face:

Can someone please show me the command you are using to identify where your ACD is located? I signed up in UK, so would hope Ireland. However, I do also have an Amazon US account, and hope it didn’t select that for the bucket location.
I’m gussing a netstat or tracert type command would show. Just don’t know which one in Linux.


Same problem here. ACD (US) and Hetzner slowdown for me too.