Slow sync to my clouds

Hi there,

probably I am doing something wrong because the issue appeared no matter which cloud service I used.

Now I use megacloud. I use this command:

rclone sync my_folder/ mega:my_folder

But the syncing is very slow even when actually nothing changed or just a logging file may have changed. I get these messages for example:

NOTICE: packrat/lib-R/x86_64-apple-darwin15.6.0/3.5.1/grid: Can't follow symlink without -L/--copy-links

What can I do to have a quick and simple sync?

How many files are you syncing?

How many change on a daily basis?

There are 35.000 files in that folder and I approximate that less than 30 change daily. However, those are spread over several folder. I saw that this problem does not show up in some subfolder. E.g. if I only sync files where there are R model files (.rds files), then the sync is without those issues…

That error is telling you rclone won’t follow symlinks without the -L flag. Or you can use the --skip-links flag to suppress the warning.

How long does the sync take?

Did you try using the --progress flag so you can see what rclone is doing?