Slow speeds on acd

I have a dedi at I monted my acd using rclone but when transferring test files the speeeds are slow 5mb/s on an 1gbit connection (500up 400dwn using speedtest-cl). any ideas?

single file performance on acd is not that great and there is not much you can do about it, afaik. i get anywhere from 0.5 MB/s to 30 MB/s for single files.

with copy/move/sync/… you can use --transfers to increase parallelism but with mount there is no such thing unless you have control over the application accessing the acd mount and there’s a way to parallelize access (e.g. using parsync instead of rsync).

But then how are people getting 80mb/s?

Who says they are? I doubt anyone is getting that kind of speed on a single file transfer. If they are, it’s probably neither the norm for them nor is it sustainable.
For instance, right now, I am reading from ACD at 500 mbps but it takes 16 transfers to do so. If S3 is having a good day, i might only need the default of 4 transfers to reach that or more.
I have never used more than 20 transfers and I have been able to sustain 900 mbps (112 MB/s) with ACD but I never really know in advance how many transfers i need to reach that speed or if i will at all. Sometimes it tops out at 80-200 mbps for periods of time.
Google Drive performance on the other hand is a lot more reliable. I can saturate a 1 gbps link with very few transfers almost every time.

So you are saying that large speeds come from many files transfer. I have access to both acd and gdrive, should i use the second one?

i don’t know your use case servers are in the EU, are you using ACD UK/DE/US? Which ACD are you using as this will certainly have an impact.

I had very well one file speeds a month ago (around 15-20 Mbps), but in the last weeks it’s terrible. How ACD decide where to store my files? I just debug a download and the file came from US, but my location is Hungary.