Slow folder listing with Gdrive on a 800TB+ drive

Hello, I have a 800 Tb google drive and I just discovered rclone, I'm having some trouble listing my folders, sometimes I'm able to access my folders/files relatively quickly, other times it stays loading forever and sometimes even freezes my windows explorer.

The mount config I'm using is this:

rclone mount --vfs-cache-mode full gsuitedrive:/ F:/

Can anyone help me find why sometimes whenever I try to access my folders, the explorer just stays there forever?

Thanks in advance!!

What version of rclone are you using? It would be worth trying with the latest stable version if you aren't using it (v1.55.1).

If you add -vv to the command you'll get log output which may make the problem clearer.

It is likely to be some kind of rate limiting with google would be my guess.

I also encountered the same problem:;

I don't know if it is caused by WinFsp? Or is it too slow to load because there are too many files (20W) in the first-level directory?

see my post with a possible solution.

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