Skipping .fuse_hidden

Has anyone worked out a good way to exclude these?

I have tried a few tips on here and cant get it to work

I’m using the script from this site:

# Move new local files to the cloud and sync away files marked for deletion by UnionFS.
#su - user -c "rclone move localfiles/ amazoncrypt: --exclude=.unionfs/** --log-file=/home/user/CloudCopy.log -v"
#su - user -c "rclone sync unionfolder/ amazoncrypt: --exclude=.unionfs/** --log-file=/home/user/CloudSync.log -v"

# Clean up files marked as deleted by UnionFS as well as empty folders left by rclone move.
#su - user -c "find localfiles/.unionfs/* -exec rm -rf {} \;"
#su - user -c "find localfiles/* -type d -empty -delete"