Simultanously mounting a remote on different machines


looks like i got lost somewhere in the various command line options and need some support, please.

I am running rclone mount as a service on a Windows machine which also runs a Plex Media Server. The encrypted G Suite remote is wrapped by a cache remote. It runs pretty well except the fact that i am not able to delete items from within Plex and i couldn’t find out how to do this.

I also would like to mount this same enrcrypted remote from another machine where it should be possible to write files directly to the remote. Will it mess things up if i would mount the same remote from another machine and would i have to mount the cached remote or the unwrapped encrypted remote to be able to write files to it?

Any help or personal experience would be highly appreciated.

Firstly reading from multiple places is 100% OK. Writing from multiple places is OK too however you may not see the new stuff from the other place until the directory cache expires or you expire that part of the cache. If you write the same filename from two places, one will win - you will never get a corrupted file.

You should be able to do either.