Simulate Cloud Sync DSM

currently with synology I have Cloud Sync configured with Google drive in the following way:

I have a folder in the Nas, when I put a file in that folder, Cloud Sync detects a file and uploads it to a google folder.
That file I changed folder in google drive.
Cloud Sync does not upload that file again from the nas because it has already been uploaded previously.

Can I do this with rclone?

It can do it all except know when a file was put in the directory unless Synology can create a trigger for it.

If not, you could just run a sync on a schedule. It won’t re-upload files that are already there.

Ok, To upload files from a folder automatically I had thought of a cron as you told me.
What worries me is if I change the file in the drive folder.
If I change the file to another folder in Google drive Cloud Sync don’t re-upload the file again, can it be done with rclone?.
How is it done?

If it is a non-crypt, --track-renames may work. Should be an easy test.

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