Significance of async flag

Hi All,
i want to understand what's the significance of asyn in the request.
below is my request:

"srcFs": "demo:/data/CHBULKUPLOAD/LOCALTESTING/Src1/",
"srcRemote": "/data/CHBULKUPLOAD/LOCALTESTING/Src1/",
"dstFs": "demo:/Export/PM_Backup/PROCESSED/",
"dstRemote": "/Export/PM_Backup/PROCESSED/",
"_async": false,
"_filter": {
"IncludeRule": [

if the file which we want to transfer is large then we are making this flag as true otherwise false. but what difference is it making in these two cases. ?

Have a look at the docs.

Without async you risk that HTTP session expires and command won't finish.

IMO it is better to design your solution and run everything in async mode.

yeah thank you very much @kapitainsky !!

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