SickRage Configuration

I want to automate my downloads and use SickRage for this.

Here how it goes;

media download: ~/downloads
acd mount : ~/remote
local media : ~/local
unionfs merge: ~/media (local RW, remote RO)

Sickrage monitors ~/downloads and copies files to ~/media hence to ~/local.

Then I use rclone copy/move ~/local to ~/remote.

I don’t have any problem until here.

When a higher resolution (1080p instead of 720p) comes out later, sickrage deletes lower resolution (720p) and copies higher resolution (1080p) one.

I am stuck here.

Any suggestion?

The easiest solution is to set sick rage to rename the files using a generic file name, so instead of including the quality, jus name your movies or tv shows like this:

TV Show Name - Episode Number - Episode Name.mkv

If you include the resolution (720p, 1080p), then yes you will have a problem.

By naming the files the same, Sick Rage won’t delete it, but when you re-upload with rclone, because the filenames are the same, it will just overwrite the file

This is what I’ve been doing fro 4 months and it’s fine (not using Sickrage, I use Sonarr, but same principle).

Why is that a problem for you? I don’t understand the issue you’re having.

~/media folder is read only to remote, so it will not delete the file at ~/remote.
(making it RW would raise rclone mount copy stability problem)

How does plex behave in this situation?
Will it update corresponding data at next scan?

~/media is RW to Sickrage. If it deletes that file from ~/media then unionfs will whiteout that file and copy the new one over. ~/media will look perfect. You just need to sync up whats been whiteout. I do this:

echo ±--------------------------------------+
echo Apply change deltas to cloud volume $CLOUD_FSDIR
echo ±--------------------------------------+
copy /data/Media1 /data/Media2

echo ±--------------------------------------+
echo Age/remove things that have been HIDDEN on $CLOUD_UNION
echo ±--------------------------------------+
sync /data/Media /data/Media2

The first block syncs NEW files to the remote. The second block removes the whiteout files.

My /Media is the same as yours /media(unionfs of media1 and media2
My /Media1 is my local
My /Media2 is acdmount

I had the same issue. I had local media copy up to Amazon nightly. Then, when a higher quality file downloaded, I’d end up with both copies. I solved this by adding a post-processing script to delete the lower quality version from Amazon. I use Sonarr, so there are some environment variables passed to the PP script that let me build the string needed to find and delete the old copy.

@calisro regarding the SYNC you mentioned, if I’ve been doing an RCLONE COPY for a while without running the SYNC command right after will it still work correctly and only remove the lower quality versions from ACD if I run it now for content that’s been replaced days ago

It should make your cloud mount look like your unionfs. But really, use --dry-run to verify before and review it.

Yeah, I did the -dry-run earlier today, scanning through the output now of it now