Show progress on all commands by default?

Is it possible to configure rclone to always use the -P / --progress argument on all copy commands? Like a global setting in the config file?
It would be the default of almost any similar command line tool I can think of to have some sort of visual feedback, when the command can potentially take a very long time.
I often forget to include this argument and then either have to quickly stop mid-upload or just wait until the operation's over (with no visual feedback).
I don't use rclone every day but whenever I do, I always run into this (admittedly minor) problem.

global flags cannot go into the config file.

create a alias,
alias rclone='rclone -P'

better yet, add it as an enviroment variable

or create a simple script to handle the minor issue.

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I am actively working on exactly this :slightly_smiling_face:

There is a working beta linked there, if you're interested in trying it. Feedback is welcome!

But yes, until this is finished, @asdffdsa is right that environment variables are the way to go.

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