Should rclone be able to server side on OneDrive Business

Hi all.

Upon reading the documentation on the OneDrive Rclone page, it seems that sever side transfers are only available for OneDrive Personal and not OneDrive business.

I have two rclone remotes, both using OneDrive (the personal storage area but on a Business account) and it will not transfer over server side when I believe it should.

If I share the file ( on account1 to account2 via a Sharing invite, I can server side it across in the WebUI and it'll move instantly however this isn't the case with rclone, presumably since rclone only supports OneDrive Server Side transfers on Personal not Business. E.g. my business URL is therefore I'm using OneDrive business, it will default back to doing local transfer rather then server side, even though the webUI can do server side transfers.
Does this make sense?

Try the latest beta with --server-side-across-configs and see if that helps.

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Thanks Nick,

I tried on the latest beta (v1.60.0-beta.6418.8d1fff9ab) on osx-amd and it still does not work, it defaults back to local transfer.

"Can't server-side copy - cross drive but not OneDrive personal"

Could be because Onedrive Personal and Onedrive Business have way different backgrounds/infrastructure, even the checksum algorithms are different. One coming from Skydrive background and other from Sharepoint background. Most likely there won't be a way to support this.

I looked at the code, and according to it, a server side copy isn't possible in this situation.

I don't know whether this restriction has been lifted - maybe it has...

If you want to try, comment out this bit of code

And see if it works.

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Yeah, I'm aware of this although if the WebUI can do it, there has to be a way that we can make rclone to do it.

I can't test this right now, but seems it is not possible at least a couple of years ago it was not, and there was no work being done in allowing this:

As multiple evidence, server move would require Microsoft to do it on their end, recalculate hash and really migrate it from one infrastructure to another.

Most likely they might allow sharing in the context of allowing you to view them in their web interface, not not a real serve move and more of just a link/shortcut to the file itself.

It looks like commenting out the check for OneDrive Business worked.

It seemed to server side it no problem.

Not sure if it's just a OneDrive issue or not, but even with server side it is extremely slow, it seems to only do one transfer at a time, despite --transfers being set higher. OneDrive rate limits like crazy too, don't know how anyone could use this shit.

did you create a client id/secret for onedrive, as that can affect rate limits.

OneDrive is awful at rate limiting 3rd party apps, if it helps, they do whitelist their own applications so web and windows client will always be fast.

Be sure to check all the recommendations from the documentation including own client ID as well as reporting that you are using rclone. This helps, but really the only way is to keep using it hard and wait for Microsoft to automatically increase the limits of your account after some time.

This just seems to be the case. I'm using client id and client secret and auth URLs in my remote and using the rclone user agent. Still nada. Getting below 1mbps and I'm literally server siding things across.

I'm going to try around and try making my rclone client look like the OneDrive MacOS client or something, hopefully I can figure this out.

It's such a pain, I don't know how Microsoft expects any sysadmin to do anything. I need to transfer 300GB off this account, onto another account and its been a pain every way I've tried. Even the WebUI fails at that about.

I have 3PB in Google Drive, no issues. (yes, PB), sucks that OneDrive literally dies at 3GB.

I believe the main issue is, when using Server Side on Business via rclone, regardless of your --transfers= it'll do it one by one. If it let me do like 8, I would be able to get this done in a few hours.

I added --checkers 16 and it seems to be running faster, I feel like I might of been rate limited prior.
Regardless, Server Side works on Business.

That's good. Do you want to make a pull request with the changed code?

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