Sharepoint / one drive api / microsoft request

good, you created the remote and seems to be working now.

can you post the exact command you are running?

God damn it, I'm really tired of this stupid app. I really think I should use another service provider. i am stupid too because i am using that sharepoint app.
error under 2 minutes.
rclone copy sharepoint:dd44 dd44cryptnodata: -vv --progress --tpslimit 12 --transfers=7 --log-file=logfile2.txt --crypt-no-data-encryption=true --retries=2

2022/09/27 21:15:37 DEBUG : pacer: low level retry 1/10 (error too_many_requests/)
2022/09/27 21:15:37 DEBUG : pacer: Rate limited, increasing sleep to 20ms
2022/09/27 21:15:37 DEBUG : pacer: Reducing sleep to 15ms
2022/09/27 21:15:37 DEBUG : r3iq375rhg2ougp3bn1d0bit9qohphk07qcfupojdg22knhnb1bp5nrlurfigavuhrrk4r7mgenegq5g1qt5jv5191kktskf9no9h8s4k18t99eppvfkthimtv131fo8ta02mmvhmsun80cgdc76bn3hdc: Uploading chunk 81/2163
2022/09/27 21:15:37 DEBUG : pacer: Reducing sleep to 11.25ms
2022/09/27 21:15:37 DEBUG : j701ispv499qsads10379negjhs68j8e5eo97q2qklqm03ak4bb5ltvol40ma3dkduv05e8pgnm814nkalmnvaeife1rjqbvjrmqr9nsdsbtaodmb7m2l7918l8p1s4ffncb22h80cadf49od4obmr0hps: Uploading chunk 81/2163
2022/09/27 21:15:38 DEBUG : pacer: Reducing sleep to 10ms

those are not errors, just onedrive telling you to slow down.

try --transfers=1 --tpslimit=1

and what is dd44cryptnodata:, post the redacted config for that.

its ofcourse will work with transfers=1 only 15mb per second maksimum.
problem is was working for me around a week ago.
i can download 20TB files per day.

well, that is new information?

and what is dd44cryptnodata:, post the redacted config for that.

dd44cryptnodata is dropbox account, files going to there.
a week or so ago I ran the following code without any problems.
this command kept working for about 10 days. after that around a week ago something broken and not working anymore.

clone copy sharepoint:dd44 dd44cryptnodata: -vv --progress --tpslimit 12 --transfers=7 --log-file=logfile2.txt --crypt-no-data-encryption=true --retries=2

maybe i start seeking another storage service. do you have any advice for me ? with unlimited storage and fast file transfer ?
yea i know that, we are going to far away from topic.

sure, but need to share details about your use-case.

why are you using sharepoint?

i thought that is what dropbox already offers

thanks for advice i am using sharepoint because cheap and unlimited data support.
i did not trust one provider thats why i want use minimum 2 provider and sync them all.
i am already using dropbox

what is the total amount data in sharepoint?

and do you have a local copy of the data?

400 TB total amount of data
no , i don have local copy.
by the way thank you for spending time with me.

hmm, that is a lot of data.

i do not use dropbox so maybe this is not doable.
use dropbox as the primary storage and sharepoint as backup.

i am already doing that but sharepoint has too many problems :frowning:

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