SharePoint login issue?

hi people.
I have an issue connecting to SharePoint Onedrive ,using xUbuntu 18.04 , rclone v1.36 .
Following your tutorial for onedrive
at step " Use auto config" i used Y
Page opens in my Chrome at login dot live dot com
,i enter my id and pas but my school account is not recognized .
I tried login: +pas
and i tried: myuserid +pas ( so droping the part

I'm sure my account is ok because in the different browser Chromium session i can browse my files in :
ourorg-my.sharepoint dot com
and check my mail
office dot com

It would seem that Microsoft cloud thing has different entry points but i would assume all services are connected ?

Any idea what is causing the issue ?


Version is like 5 years old. Please update it and try again and post all the information in the help template if things do not work.

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