Sharepoint checksums and sync problems


I’m encountering a few problems with rclone to Sharepoint.

The basic problem is to create some asciidoctor files under Linux
and git version control, create pdfs and html, then migrate the
html and pdfs to sharepoint for more general Windowsesque
consumption. On the way, I create a gpg signed sha1sum file.

On using rclone to sync to sharepoint: Firstly, the issuses
where the problem is probably between keyboard and chair:

  1. Some files get changed by sharepoint, as I belive has been
    documented in this forum. Renaming an html file to aspx then
    uploading had sharepoint replace some non ascii characters in
    the html.

  2. There seem to be different versions of sharepoint. I was
    using webdav with a university account. I’m not really up to
    speed with sharpoint, and it seems that my uploads clobber some
    system files, making the front end web pages unusable.

  3. I don’t really grok the relationship between sharepoint and onedrive.

  4. Tried these versions of rclone:

rclone -V
rclone v1.44

  • os/arch: linux/386
  • go version: go1.11.1

and this:

rclone -V
rclone v1.44-029-g04a0da1f-beta

  • os/arch: linux/386
  • go version: go1.11.1

Next the possible non user issues:

a) Regenerate the pdf and html files (433 files in 39 dirs). Not all
files change, only about 25.

b) Rsync -avv --delete them all to the local rclone dir hierarchy (under linux)

c) rclone sync -v local/ remote:/

c1) Repeating this this morning, only one out of 25 changed files was transferrrd. The sha1sum file wasn’t transfered.

d) rclone sync -v remote:/ local2/

e) Run sha1sum -c on the sha1s file. Quite a few errors (16 or so files).

e1) This moringing only one file transferred so only one error.

e2) The output of rclone" “sync” “-vv” local/ remote:/ seems to indicate that the file time on the remote has been updated to the time ‘now’.

f) Try rclone sync --checksum -v remote:/ local2/
Same issues.

g) On a dropbox hierarchy, I can do this:

rclone hashsum DropboxHash dropbox-remote:/

I get an output with hex strings and file names.

Doing this:
rclone hashsum SHA-1 remote:/

List the files but no hex strings.

rclone hashsum MD5 remote:/


UNSUPPORTED name of file:

as does:

rclone hashsum QuickXorHash remote:/

So I guess the --checksum flag isn’t going to work. Am I correct in this?

Is there a fix for the date issue?

If there is any way I can get this working, that would be good.
Is it really a non starter?

I ended up just zapping the entire remote by uploading an empty
dir, then uploading the files again, which is workable, but
bandwidth intensive. The main problem with this is that the
remote ‘Recycle Bin’ just gets filled with junk. Can I upload in such a way
that the recycle bin doesn’t keep filling?

Sorry for the long message (some of which seems to have been covered elsewhere). And thanks for an amazing multi-platform


I think the problems you are having derive from using the WebDAV backend - at least that is what I think you are using.

If you take a look at the overview you’ll see WebDAV doesn’t support checksums and it doesn’t support modification times (unless it is running on nextcloud or owncloud). This is because the WebDAV standard doesn’t support either of these. There might be extensions for sharepoint - I don’t know.

You should be able to use the onedrive backend with sharepoint too which will support both modification times and hashes so you could give that a go.

Hello Nick,

Thanks for getting back to me. I guessed I missed the WebDAV issue in the documentation and found this the hard way!

Will try the onedrive backend with sharepoint (if I can suss out the urls).

Once again thanks for getting back to me, and thanks for an amazingly useful program!


Hopefully you can figure it out! It uses microsoft graph now so it should be straight forward if you are familiar with how that works.