Share your move command here

This is the command I use to move my files to google drive.

rclone move --drive-use-trash --transfers 2 --bwlimit "2.0M" --drive-chunk-size 256k --no-traverse --fast-list -v /mnt/user/Cloud/ijm/.move/ ijm:encfs

What is your move command?

This is default, so it would not be needed to include (unless you just want to have it easily accessible to change).

This is way way too low.
This affects how uploads are handled above 8M (by default) size. Then it will switch to uploading in chunks. The problem with a very small chunk is it's like initiating a new transfer for each one. It needs 1 API call each, and also the TCP transfer needs to ramp up from each (an artifact of how the TCP protocol functions).

Long story short: small --drive-chunk-size --> inefficient use of bandwidth when uploading.
I highly recommend at least 64M unless you are very low on memory. Each transfer can use this muhch so with 2 transfers you would need to have 128M availiable memory to avoid problems with 64M chunks.The default is 8M, but that is quite inefficient IMO. Going from 8M to 64M you can nearly double throughput. Going down to 256k though... that would absolutely wreck your throughput... not recommended at all...

The rest looks good to me for a typical move.

What the ideal commands are is very much up to the spesific task you are trying to do, so it's hard to evaluate without knowing this :slight_smile:

@thestigma Thanks for the information

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