ShadowDrive uses Nextcloud, but it's not yet compatible with WebDAV

Rclone supports Nextcloud via WebDAV.
I tried using the Nextcloud Desktop Client with ShadowDrive and it works well, but rclone does not.
Is there something to be aware of that could help to connect ShadowDrive?

It seems to have an API so it would be a new backend / feature request or it would have to support something that already exists.

The current 'new backend' queue is 57 items so unless it has someone that really wants it, it'll just sit in the graveyard of other requests from one off vendors.

It uses Nextcloud as backend, but they say webdav is not available by now.

Pretty much same thing I said above.

You'd wait for them to enable WebDav to see if that works.
You'd submit a feature request to use their API.

That's really the options.

I understand. Sorry for bothering. I thought Nextcloud backend was a variant of WebDAV and that the specific username arrangement by ShadowDrive could be covered by an addition to the advanced options: WebDAV.
Yes, waiting for the adoption of the full webdav protocol is a possible choice. Maybe Nextcloud developers could tell something more on the differences between webdav and the Nextcloud Desktop Client.

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