Sftp server and ssh keys

Hello, is there any plan to support the use of public key with login enabled?


You can do this already with

  --authorized-keys string                 Authorized keys file (default "~/.ssh/authorized_keys")

sorry I may not have been very clear, if I using:

rclone --auth-proxy ~/work/rclone/auth-proxy.php
--authorized-keys ~/work/rclone/authorized.keys
serve sftp

I can't use user/pass and public key the logs say:

[ssh: no auth passed yet, public key login not allowed when using auth proxy]

Sorry, I didn't realise you were using the auth proxy.

No, if you are using the auth proxy you can't use authorized keys yet. It would be possible I think with a bit of work.

For my interest, what are you using the auth proxy for? I keep meaning to write a blog showing people what it is for and how to use it but I haven't managed to yet!

I'm writing a custom managed file transfer based on Minio storage and event manager, i'm using rclone as client and as server to expose some additional service (like sftp server, webdav and so on) someone would like to use ssh keys to be able to connect, mostly external users so we do not to have to manage login credentials.

thnx a lot.

Can you please make a new issue on github about adding ability to use ssh keys in the auth proxy then I'll take a look to see how hard it is!

Maybe you'd like to help implement it?

unfortunately, as I wrote earlier, I do not have the necessary knowledge to get my hands on it, I am very sorry. I'm about to open the new issue request.

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