Setting up mount on windows 10 64bit

to hide the rclone mount or any program.
i use task manager, has a nice gui interface.

is there a guide or can you guide me through that? does that allow it auto remount if i need to reboot windws?

yes, it will mount at boot time.

i will post some screenshots for you in a few minutes.

in the mean time, create a simple batch file for your mount command, let's call it mountmega.cmd

  • paste the mount command into a mountmega.cmd text file.
  • keep in mind, that if you run the command hidden, you cannot see any output or errors. so add a log file using --log-level=INFO --log-file=c:\path\to\log.txt
  • make sure to use full paths for all commands and flags
  • run the .cmd file to make sure it works

once that is working, let me know and i will post the screenshots.

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