Server-to-client computer synchronization

What is the problem you are having with rclone?

  1. I regularly synchronize the file between 2 client workstations, even if identical data already exists on the target workstation, it is overwritten.
    indeed, there may have been a copy made via other means, and the date and time information is incorrect, however, the data is correct.
    can we force a comparison via Checksum with a correction of the date when it is simply different?
    otherwise, the modification of the date is not necessarily impacting, a simple check via Chekcum seems sufficient.

  2. having Rclone on both sides, can we do this simply?
    moreover, i don't think that a block sync is possible, even in this case which could be feasible i think because we have a client / server communication on an identical app.

What is your version of rclone (output of rclone version)


What operating system you are using and how many bits (e.g. Windows 7, 64 bit)

Windows 10 64b

What cloud storage system are you using? (for example, Google Drive)


The command you were trying to run (for example rclone copy / tmp remote: tmp)

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Source side to choose from:
_rclone serve http c: \ SOURCE --addr: 8080
_rclone serve webdav c: \ SOURCE --addr: 8080
Destination side:
_rclone sync --http-url http: //192.168.x.x: 8080: http: c: \ destination -P
_rclone sync --webdav-url http: //192.168.x.x: 8080: webdav: c: \ destination -P

Unfortunately neither rclone serve http nor rclone serve webdav support checksums.

It would be possible to add support to rclone serve webdav for checksums.

However you could use rclone serve sftp which does support checksums now.

Great !
on the other hand can I use SFTP in a single line like this?
rclone sync --sftp-url SFTP: // 8080: SFTP: c: \ destination -P
I can't find the right flags

regarding dates, will they be updated, or will they just be ignored?


Single-line usage:

SFTP Modified Times:

thanks, but I can't get it to work: :frowning:
rclone serve sftp c: \ source --addr: 22 --no-auth

rclone lsd --sftp-host :sftp:
2020/12/17 14:40:36 Failed to create file system for " :sftp:": couldn't connect to ssh-agent: SSH agent requested but Pageant not running

ok, it's good now !!! sorry i don't use the sftp before, so i put the manip here, if it can help someone else and save you wasting your time.

  1. rclone serve sftp c:\source --addr :22 --user your_login --pass your_password
  2. rclone sync --sftp-host --sftp-pass you_password_obscuring --sftp-user your_login :sftp: c:\destination

for obscuring password : rclone obscure your_password

that does not look correct, try
rclone serve sftp c:\source --addr :22 --no-auth

edit: i see that you updated your post, whilst i was writing mine....

Regarding the request on rsync block synchronization, that is not possible this day?

i think you mean rclone?

rclone syncs entire files, not blocks

no, I was talking about Rsync for the principle of block synchronization.

having Rclone which can be server-side, I thought it might be a good idea to use it in the case of rclone <-> rclone communication.

I should maybe create another ticket evoking this request?

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