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Hi all,

I’m running a Google Drive server side sync from, for ease of explanation, remote1 to remote2 (each set up as different service accounts). Its running perfectly. My question is, in terms of the 750GB Google daily quota, does this use the source remote SA quota or the destination remote SA quota?

Thanks, Dan.

I would think it would be whatever account is getting the upload rather than the download.

The quota is for uploading.

Just test and validate.

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That would make sense. As you say, will test. Cheers :grin:

I did a partial test with several service accounts.

  • Depleted five service accounts (SAs) with server side (SS) copies between TDs until they hit the limit. rclone refused to copy even a few small additional files.

  • Started copies with server side disabled, same source and destination. Was able to copy 50-100GB non-SS without hitting the cap. I didn't push the transfers for this test to confirm that non-SS had a full 750GB additional capacity. But in each case was able to copy substantial amounts using SAs that had hit their 750GB SS quota limit.

Should still test out

  • Full 750GB transfers non-SS after hitting SS quota limits.
  • Reverse quota tests. That is, deplete non-SS quota first then try SS copies using the same SAs.

Tested more out of academic interest than for practical use.

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