Server-Side sync/copy for ACD?

Hi there,

I’m trying to use Rclone to “migrate” my ACD data from the US and would like to use the server-side option in doing so - however whenever I start a Sync or Copy I see no mention of server-side in the verbose output and my in/out traffic rockets sky high.

Am I missing a flag to pass here to force server-side copy, or is what I am doing just not possible?

Server side copy only work on the same server. It sounds like you are connecting to two different servers, so unfortunately you will have to actually transfer the data :frowning:

That makes sense.

Goddamn it - 31Tb of data to move it is :slight_smile:

If you have a bandwidth on your server, I recommend starting up an instance at to migrate your data. There’s one for $30/month or so with 800mbps connection. It should take probably 1 week to migrate that much data. Shut it down when you’re done.