Server side copy without local transfer

Hi everyone,

I’ve messed up a file move, and I’d like to fix it. The files are still available, but they’re in the wrong directory.

Here’s the current directory structure:


Inside the /Video/ folder, I have the following items:

Turandot (2009) // folder
Turandot (2009).mkv // file

I would like to place the “Turandot (2009).mkv” file into the “Turandot (2009)” folder, but I’m miffed on the command to use. I would like to move the file, but moving means it would remove the directory. I want to keep the directory, just move the file from the /Video/ folder.

Thanks for helping,


Use the web interface. You should be able to see which file you need to move by comparing modification times.

I also forgot to mention this explicitly, but the ACD mount in question is using crypt, which means that folder names and filenames are encrypted and not in human-readable format.


EDIT: Here’s a stupid way that I figured out the answer to my own problem.

  1. Upload a small text file to the directory.
  2. In the output, you will be shown the file directory with encrypted names
  3. Through the web interface, navigate through those folders to the directory where you uploaded the small file.
  4. If the only file there is very large, that’s probably the file you need to move.
  5. Perform a move through the web interface to the proper destination directory.

I’m sure there’s a better way to perform a server-side move without the web interface.

That’s why I said look at the modification dates. If this was the last file you uploaded simply order your content by date uploaded.

You can also use the --crypt-show-mapping flag.

So something like rclone lsd --crypt-show-mapping amazonENC: will output:

2017/03/28 16:14:58 NOTICE: TV: Encrypts to "jb63m2g7ieuvv7s8cptin33b18"
2017/03/28 16:14:58 NOTICE: MVarchive: Encrypts to "te15p4jps9stj0c95si562sj68"
          -1 2017-03-25 18:17:25        -1 TV
2017/03/28 16:14:58 NOTICE: MV: Encrypts to "hdnkk31tehymvrkigehcl8sdeo"
          -1 2017-03-23 23:24:10        -1 MVarchive
2017/03/28 16:14:58 NOTICE: TVarchive: Encrypts to "qcmh0vqrcjuncnr6it1kqe2h9g"
          -1 2017-03-26 23:50:51        -1 MV
          -1 2017-03-28 19:26:00        -1 TVarchive