Server Side Copy with Dropbox?

I setup 2 dropbox remotes (both separate Dropbox accounts) and am trying to copy all of the data from the source account to the destination account. When doing this the transfer rates seem to be the same as my upload speed and the network monitoring shows high utilization, making me believe it's downloading to my Mac and uploading back to the second account. I was hoping to find a way to copy the files server-side to make this much faster. Is that possible?

On this page, it seems that Dropbox does support server-side copying. However, server-side copying seems to only be supported for the same account — that is, it will be invoked for copying or moving files within the same remote. From that same page:

Used when copying an object to and from the same remote. This known as a server side copy so you can copy a file without downloading it and uploading it again. It is used if you use rclone copy or rclone move if the remote doesn’t support Move directly.

If the server doesn’t support Copy directly then for copy operations the file is downloaded then re-uploaded.

So the short answer is no, I don't think server-side copy will work in this case :confused:

It might be possible if you share the files with the other account first then you can do a server side copy within the same account.

I don't know whether dropbox support server side copies between accounts - if it does then rclone could support it too.

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