Server Side copy/sync between team drives


First of all, thank you very much for this fantastic tool.

Is there any way to server side copy/synchronize 2 team drives or 1 team drive with 1 drive?

With 2 drive accounts it is possible using the same remote in source and target, with the target being a shared folder of the other drive account:

rclone copy drive1:/data drive1:/sharedFolderInDrive2 …

Thank you.


I copied a shared folder using similar to this:

rclone copy drive1:/sharedFolderInDrive drive1:/data

Maybe you can server side copy to shared folder If you are the owner.

Thank you Alfred

With shared folders I have no problem, the problem is with Team Drives.

rclone copy teamdrive1:/data teamdrive2:/data works but not “server side”


At the moment rclone will only server side copy from and to the same remote so teamdrive1 and teamdrive2 won’t work.

Do you know if this is actually possible? The API docs don’t say.

ncw, I currently use the Air Explorer tool and it allows to do it.

Thanks for your response.



If you please make a new issue on github then we can look into supporting that.

I think the server side copy code may need a bit of re-working to accomodate that but if the API can do it then it should work!

Any plans on implementing this in the future?

Did an issue get made? That is the first step

Hi Nick,
The issue you mention is this. I guess…

Regarding this (and sorry because is not 100% related), I would like to ask you if could be possible implement the Server side Copy between two folders in the same account which one of them is encrypted.

This is the situation:
Account A: Folder 1 (Rclone Remote: GDrive)
Account A: Folder 2 (encrypted) (Rclone Remote: secret)

This post is more to understand if this can be possible or won´t be, because must encrypt the files in the meanwhile or any other reason…

Best regards and I whish you a happy new year 2019 :grin:

I don’t think you can server side encrypt as it’s an rclone function, not a GD function.

Rclone does the encryption so it has to be part of the process.