Server side copy G SD encrypted to non-encrypted SD


I didn't use the template (yet) as I have a question if this can be done or not. I read here a lot, and I assume this can be done from what I read.

I have a Google Shared Drive with encrypted data (about 14TB). I would like to decrypt this (remove encryption). Probably it would be best to use server side copy from the existing encrypted shared drive to a new non-encrypted shared drive. Am I on a good path here?

I guess I will need to use bwlimit to not hit an upload (and even download) ban? For server side copy it is also 750GB/day?

Do I need to use any specific option regarding metadata? It would be best if I could preserve the source metadata (like date, owner).

Many thanks!

cannot use server-side copy as rclone has to decrypt the file using local bandwidth.

  1. download the file from source
  2. decrypt the file
  3. upload the decrypted file to dest

cannot use server-side copy.
tho the undocumented quota of 750GiB/day is correct.

rclone will preserve the modtime.
not sure about the owner. tho can copy a single file and then you would know.

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Thank you. Sorry to hear that it can't be used with server side copy. So it leaves me with dl-up everything... 20 days or so...

in such cases, can rent a cheap cloud vm.
i use

with a hard limit of 750GiB/day, 100 Mbps is more than enough

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Good idea! But the storage is only 20GB, isn't that a limiting factor?

no, as rclone does not use storage, just memory.

i move veeam backup files from wasabi to aws s3 deep glacier.
for that, i use the cheapest vm, $2.99, 512MiB memory, 10Mbps

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Wow, that sounds cool!
Well, doing a quick calculation, even a 100 Mbit speed line would max out the 750GB/day limit, so I would need to limit rclone upload speed, correct?

Should a just fire up the VPS, install rclone, configure both Shared Drives, run the rclone command in a screen session, so I could reconnect to the ssh session any time?

What is the correct rclone command to copy (not move) from shared drive to shared drive2, with bw limiting? Can you help on this?

not an expert with gdrive but there are a few options
imho, i would choose --bwlimit=8.0M as that the closest to set and forget

--- use --bwlimit=8.0M - will never hit that 750GiB hard limit.
--- use --drive-stop-on-upload-limit

note: if you run any command over ssh, once you kill the ssh session, the command is killed.
there are many workarounds, tho i use tmux.

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