Server side copy and encryption on ACD (with already uoploaded Files)

Hey guys.

I’ve read some things about bans from ACD when storing Movies unencrypted on ACD.

So i’ve already uploaded most of my content to ACD with rclone and want to ancrypt it now and new content in the future.

My question is, which encryption tool and/or method should i use to safe bandwith because my server provider limits the bandwith after some time of using it exessively.

Ive read about making a second acd drive or something like this. But i coulndt get more information about achieving the solution for my problem.

Maybe someone can help me with this. Link to a tut or something written here would help me immensely. I will try it out and ask here again, if im having problems with it

thy guys

Unfortunately you’ll have to download it and re-upload it to do that.

You can do that with rclone and an rclone crypt, just use rclone copy acd:path acdcrypt:path - you need to make sure the crypted directory isn’t in the original path though.

You might want to rent a VM from somewhere to do the transfer if your ISP is limiting you. Of you can do the transfer slowly using --bwlimit