Separate rclone job over a second google user resync everything

Hi there,
We had one google user doing 2 consecutive sync to our google drive.
It was syncing Data01 and Data02.
Because of the 750Gb limitation, we decided to create a second google user and split the job in 2.
So Google01 was syncing Data01 and Google02 will now sync Data02.
We share the Data02 over our Google Drive web interface and give Google02 the ownership of Data02.
The problem is that Rclone is redoing all the syncing. I guess Rclone is modifying the ownership of Data02 from Google01 to Google02…
Considering 80TB of material at 750Gb per 24hrs, I would love to find a way to avoid Rclone to modify the ownership. To tell him that the owner is Google02…
I’m no expert, but maybe there is a way to do it?

Run the sync with -vv and post what rclone says about why it is syncing the objects.

I don’t think it will be ownership, it will be something like modification time I suspect.

I am actually ban by User rate limit exceeded.
As soon as it restart I’ll get the -vv info for you.

Is this what you want me to send:
2018/07/05 14:57:03 DEBUG : 1797_STEWART_PROGRAM/02_SOURCES/20171018/CAM_A/ Sending chunk 1744830464 length 96855940
2018/07/05 14:57:04 DEBUG : 1747_EDUCALCOOL/02_SOURCES/SON/T07.WAV: Sending chunk 402653184 length 134217728
2018/07/05 14:57:04 DEBUG : 1797_STEWART_PROGRAM/02_SOURCES/20171018/CAM_A/ Sending chunk 2952790016 length 134217728
2018/07/05 14:57:05 DEBUG : 17108_BNC_Tuto_POS/02_TOURNAGE/BackUp/20171130_Captation/20171130_Captation_FR_01/ Sending chunk 1207959552 length 134217728
2018/07/05 14:57:06 INFO : 1797_STEWART_PROGRAM/02_SOURCES/20171018/CAM_A/ Copied (new)
2018/07/05 14:57:07 DEBUG : 18024_Ungava_Photoshoot/18024_PhotoshootUngava/BackUp_Ungava/DCIM/100EOS5D/2Q1A0664.CR2: Sending chunk 0 length 26667553
2018/07/05 14:57:08 DEBUG : 17108_BNC_Tuto_POS/02_TOURNAGE/BackUp/20171130_Captation/20171130_Captation_FR_01/ Sending chunk 1342177280 length 134217728
2018/07/05 14:57:09 DEBUG : 1747_EDUCALCOOL/02_SOURCES/SON/T07.WAV: Sending chunk 536870912 length 134217728
2018/07/05 14:57:09 DEBUG : 1797_STEWART_PROGRAM/02_SOURCES/20171018/CAM_A/ Sending chunk 3087007744 length 134217728
2018/07/05 14:57:11 DEBUG : 17108_BNC_Tuto_POS/02_TOURNAGE/BackUp/20171130_Captation/20171130_Captation_FR_01/ Sending chunk 1476395008 length 134217728
2018/07/05 14:57:11 INFO : 18024_Ungava_Photoshoot/18024_PhotoshootUngava/BackUp_Ungava/DCIM/100EOS5D/2Q1A0664.CR2: Copied (new)
2018/07/05 14:57:13 DEBUG : 1747_EDUCALCOOL/02_SOURCES/SON/T07.WAV: Sending chunk 671088640 length 44304176
2018/07/05 14:57:13 INFO : 1747_EDUCALCOOL/03_AUDIO/02_MUSIQUE/L_amour Sur La Plage D.wav 44100.pek: Copied (new)
2018/07/05 14:57:13 DEBUG : 17108_BNC_Tuto_POS/02_TOURNAGE/BackUp/20171130_Captation/20171130_Captation_FR_01/ Sending chunk 1610612736 length 134217728
2018/07/05 14:57:14 DEBUG : 1797_STEWART_PROGRAM/02_SOURCES/20171018/CAM_A/ Sending chunk 3221225472 length 134217728
2018/07/05 14:57:14 INFO : 17108_BNC_Tuto_POS/01_PROJECTS/Premiere/Adobe Premiere Pro Auto-Save/BNC_TUTO_20171221_GB-1.prproj: Copied (new)
2018/07/05 14:57:14 INFO : 1747_EDUCALCOOL/02_SOURCES/SON/T07.WAV: Copied (new)
2018/07/05 14:57:15 DEBUG : 1797_STEWART_PROGRAM/02_SOURCES/20171018/CAM_A/ Sending chunk 0 length 134217728

This is the important thing. Rclone is copying it because it doesn’t thing the file is there.

This might be because you are copying it to the wrong place (I have made this mistake many times!) or maybe because of the user permissions, can user1 see user2’s files? Find out by using rclone ls. If user2 can’t see user1’s files then it will upload them again.

That’s when my skills get topped. :frowning:
If I “rclone ls” the result is: command not found?
I guess I need to change directory?
The guy who set it is on vacation, but clock is ticking since my data2 is not sync since 10 days now…

Also we create 2 rclone jobs, one for user1 and one for user2.
Was it the right way to do it?

On the web interface, user 1 is the owner of both data1 and data2.
User2 can edit, share, etc. on both folder.
Should the user2 be the owner of data2?

Should I have my user2 sync to user1 space in the .sh?
Because now space used in user2 is increasing as it is “copying new” files to user2 storage…

If you look in the script you should be able to figure out where the rclone binary is.

I think that should work.

I’m not 100% sure how the permissions work on google drive. Checking what things look like with rclone will clear things up.