Separate APIs for Mount, Move, and Sync?

I’ve recently come up with the idea of using a separate API for each of the following:
rclone mount
rclone move
rclone sync (2 GDrive accounts)
By doing so, I hope to not hit the API limits imposed by Google as often when doing a massive data migration.

Also, if I hit the limit, I don’t think it will affect my mount, so Plex should continue functioning.

Does anyone else have any input on this theory? Can anyone confirm / deny that it is sound?

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It’s a good idea… I used to do this but I stopped once I got my own API and got it increased. I don’t really hit limits.

I wish I could do the same. I’m not the administrator though, so I can’t increase mine.

You can use your personal API for your personal account for a different account. You can…