Sent Encrypted Files from my Seedbox to OneDrive. How to View/Decrypt them on Windows 10 Laptop Now?


First of all I am a hardcore Windows user and have almost NIL experience with Linux/CLI/Rclone. I am a total noob, so please bear with me. Thanks

I have a seedbox with a certain provider. Using rclone I was able to send encrypted files/folders to my onedrive account. I followed the onedrive and crypt configuration guide on your official website.

My home internet connection speed is very slow, that's why I sent encrypted files from my seedbox to my onedrive account. Server to server transfer.

Now I have downloaded rclone browser on my Windows 10 machine and I would like to see/decrypt the files that are stored in my onedrive account. Can you please tell me how to do so?

Thanks a lot

hello and welcome to the forum,

  • on seedbox, you created a rclone config file.
  • rclone browser runs rclone, and so that rclone needs a config file

the solution is to copy the rclone config file from the seedbox to windows
read this to understand where to copy the config file on windows

to find the config file
rclone config file

another option is to mount the crypted onedrive remote on windows as a drive letter

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Thanks a lot for your response. I was able to get my rclone config file from ubuntu (installed on my seedbox server).

I was able to see the decrypted files on my onedrive account when I imported the rclone config file in Windows. Rclone browser gave me the option of downloading decrypted files/folder from my onedrive account as well.

For future searchers, just wanted to tell them that the location of rclone config files in my case:

  • In Windows 10: C:\Users[username].config\rclone\rclone.conf

  • In Ubuntu: /home/username/.config/rclone / - Make sure that you enable VIEW HIDDEN FOLDERS, otherwise you won't be able to find the file as it was inside hidden folder .config

Thanks again for your help. So much to learn about this awesome piece of software

glad you got it working. rclone is awesome and we can support it here

as for those future searchers, the location of the config files are documented at the link i shared earlier on this post.
it is almost universal that config files are hidden.

so the best way to move on from a noob is to take a few minutes and read the documentation.

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