Semi rclone bisync (two-way sync) with rclone copy

I search the whole forum and the github page for bisync (two-way sync) and I couldn’t find a reliable solution. I’ve a google drive account and access it through different clients. Since I’ve a large amount of data it’s important for me to not mess things up (and unfortunately despite all the capabilities rclone sync is prone to mess things up. It seems it’s just a simple push pull thing for cloud).

Consider this scenario:

 rclone copy local remote: 
 rclone copy remote: local
#rclone sync local remote:

As I learnt about copy (and it difference from sync) this is a semi bisync. The only thing that is missed here is the case when two files are exist and one is newer and newer should be replaced by the older (either local or remote). I’m newbie in rclone/bash/linux/etc and want just to double check and ask for any further suggestion?

p.s. at the moment grive2 do the sync as I expected (partial sync). But like to have rclone (as more general tool do the same at least).

rclone doesn’t have a bisync solution at the moment.

There are some ideas on implementing it

And even a 3rd party tool or two


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