Seeming documentation problem (rclone's syntax); a problem with the categories on this forum

  1. The top page of rclone's documentation presents rclone's 'basic syntax' thusly:
Syntax: [options] subcommand <parameters> <parameters...>

it seems to me though that the ensuing text on the page (and there is a lot of that text) does not specify just what an option is and just what a parameter is. Do parameters comprise only paths? Presuming yes, does rclone support using -- to separate options from parameters/paths? I think the documentation should make all of this clear.

  1. No forum category seems to suit discussion of rclone's documentation.

It doesn't, you are right!

An option is a single letter flag -v or a group of single letter flags -Pv or a long flag --progress

A parameter is usually a file path or rclone remote, eg /path/to/file or remote:path/to/file but there are exceptions to that.

Yes it does. Anything after a -- will not be interpreted as an option.

Note also that options can come after or in between parameters too, but only global options can be used before the subcommand.

Point taken!

If you look at the end of the docs file you can find a link to the source file - if you click on that then you can propose edits (click the pencil icon).

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Thanks, Nick - that's helpful. However, even now, I do not know enough about Rclone to propose amendments to the relevant documentation page.

I put a reworked version of what I said above in the docs which will go live in v1.66.1 - thank you for your comments.

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