Seeking Guidance for Tdrive to Tdrive w/ Encryption

As stated in my topic I’m trying to set up a way to backup my TDRIVE to another TDRIVE on a different GSUITE account. I currently use encryption with pass and salt. I would like to set up a GCE to copy from TDRIVE(1) to TDRIVE(2) but in the process I would like to change the encryption. The changing encryption part I’m unsure of and I’m having difficulty finding solutions online.


I am using PGBlitz currently and it would be neat if I could set this up to utilize 20 feeders on GCE server to make this process as fast as possible.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated or if anyone could point me to another thread where someone else has done this that would be great too.

I’m not sure what TDRIVE is?

You should be able to just create the new remote with the new encryption settings you want using rclone config. Then just sync them from within the crypt.

rclone sync gdrive1-crypt: gdrive2-crypt:

It will use your GCP host to proxy the download of the unencrypted content while uploading it to the new remote.

If tdrive is music files, they are small and it’ll likely be a slow process depending on how much data. Slow files are slower to transfer because of rate limits on googles end.

TDrive is TeamDrive in GSUITE.

So if I mount my main account that is encrypted and then create a new remote with new encryption settings I can then use sync to sync my main account (remote) to my new account (remote) and it will take my main account files, decrypt them and send to my new account with the new encryption?

Did I understand that correctly?

Yes. That’s exactly right. It should be pretty straight forward. You shouldn’t need to use a mount though unless you want to but you can. You should be able to just sync the files directly remote to remote. But you could use a mount as a source as well.

always test with --dry-run flag before you do things.

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